"FUTURE" is not just a fantasy in movies and novels. PEACEBIRD WOMEN integrates future elements into fashion, and uses Chinese design power to achieve multi-level leap, which is also the definition of future technology for contemporary young people. In the show full of virtual futuristic sense, fluorescent colors developed and presented with new technologies run through this series. Technological fabrics not only enhance the style and texture of clothing, but also explore the infinite exploration of future fashions, allowing fashion to be practical and practical.


The charm of sports lies in vitality and passion, sports style is popular, and the boundary with fashion has long been broken. PEACEBIRD cooperated with the traditional Chinese sports brand Double Happiness to start the creation with the theme of "PARTNER" and integrate the elements of table tennis rackets into fashion. It is not only the co-production of PEACEBIRD and Double Happiness, it is also the co-production of the people and the trend, but also the co-production of sports and fashion. The nearly 100-year-old Feiyue sneakers and PEACEBIRD usher in an upgrade. The “SuperChina” pattern and the PEACEBIRD logo together outline a clear and powerful product image, reinterpret the classics, and give sports fashion unique freedom and vitality.


Youth is not only a label, but also an attitude. Young culture allows fashion to release its vigorous vitality. ACG and KOLs are popular trends pursued by young people. The PEACEBIRD x Chi-bi Maruko series, designed by the Chinese designer brand MOTOGUO, explores the childlike ACG. At the same time, the new PEACEBIRD X Marie+Xulaoshi series also invites fashion blogger Ms. Xu to participate in the cooperation, interpreting the common pursuit and consensus on youth culture, and realizing the creative multiplication of joint cross-industry.


In this young age, brand-new power emerges, traditional classics and trend cultures collide with each other. Traditional classic elements such as auspicious clouds, dragons and phoenixes, and cheongsam handicap are taking on a new look. PEACEBIRD WOMEN, which is at the forefront of the pioneering trend, has integrated and reorganized these multi-cultural elements full of infinite possibilities to create a unique trend label for Chinese youth——"SUPERCHINA".